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Default Re: 60" Mitsubishi DLP - 3d glasses ready

Originally Posted by Medion View Post
The fact that LCD's are "better" has nothing to do with how skinny they are, although there are many who prefer a wall-mountable set. LCD's offer better clarity and color vibrancy, as well as better viewing angles. At the same size, an LCD offers better visual quality than a DLP. The DLP's advantage is in it's price versus size. Neither LCD nor plasma can match DLP in those regards.

To it's credit, aside from replacing the bulb, a DLP will last "forever" whereas an LCD will begin to fade, and not evenly either. An LCD tends to have it's greens fade first, giving everything a reddish or blueish tint, but this takes years to occur. If you're looking to keep a set for decades, and don't mind replacing bulbs, the DLP is the more reliable choice. If you plan to replace your set every 8-10 years (or less, as those around here seem to do), an LCD is no worse than a DLP.

Regardless, any set you buy today will be nothing more than a stopgap until OLED takes off. By 2015, OLED should be as affordable as LCD is today. By 2020, OLED should be the default technology.
Laser-TV > OLED.
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