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Followup on my attempt to run a VC-1 video. The good news, it mostly worked. It played for a while, then crashed. It also managed to take out the USB bus, at least I think that's what happened, as the ext3 FS on my USB flash drive (the root fs) got corrupted! Booting the live CD allowed me to get fsck run on it and after that plus re-installing my kernel image all is well again.

The video was being played back from the flash drive, and everything else lives on the network. So I don't know if that factored in. If it's reproducible, it shouldn't be hard to pull off. Unfortunately, I can't provide any debug logs as my filesystem died. I think I'll hold off on VC-1 testing for a bit. If nothing else, I want to do it with a backup drive so I don't kill the playback system in the bedroom, the WAF gets low fast if I kill the TV. I need to put together a test box that I can break whenever I want to.

Asus M3N78-VM using onboard gfx
180.22 driver
Mythbuntu 8.10 with all the updates
2GB system RAM, 512 dedicated to the gfx
OCZ Rally2 8GB USB flash drive (boot/root fs)
playback with most recent mplayer+patch from nvidia
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