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Default Re: Cuda 2.1 Support

@rsamuel: the CUDA 2.1 release highlight was included in the FreeBSD graphics driver release notes by mistake. I corrected this mistake in the announcement on nV News, but was unaware that the same cut & paste error had been made on; I asked that the download page be updated, as well.

I understand your disappointment and apologize for the misunderstanding.

@rnejdl: I'm not aware of plans to add CUDA support for FreeBSD in the near future. It may be possible to make the Linux runtime work within the Linuxulator, but I don't believe this has been attempted. Please note that due to kernel limitations, FreeBSD/i386 NVIDIA graphics driver support is not on par with the Linux/Solaris platforms - lacking features like SLI and support for large memory configurations - and that reliable FreeBSD/amd64 support is not currently possible.
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