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Default Re: Xine vdpau announcement

Originally Posted by jusst View Post
Yep, that is correct... You GPU should work well with Temporal deint.
hello jusst! i tried it with "temporal" yesterday and it worked a bit better with 1080i, but the presentation was jerked again. so i gave "bob" as deinterlacing algorithm a try - with "bob" it's working very good now

is it possible that the CPU is affecting the whole thing? i have a AMD K8 (BE-2400). people (vdr-portal) reported that they use "temporal_spatial" successfully with a strong K10 CPU (but my K8 is just at 10-25% usage with "temporal_spatial" - 1080i is still jerked) -- so i think also the GPU power is the only thing, the useable deint.-algo is dependend of ... (??)

thank's for your hint, changing the deninterlacing algorithm!
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