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Default Re: Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage is out now!

It should be available right away after installing.
Well I guess that's the way it's supposed to work but it's not working that way for me. I've been cruising around for quite some time and still don't see any prompting. The Live forum is full of people having the same issue. For some it pops up quick, for some it doesn't seem to pop up at all. Dunno what the "trigger" is to get it to go, if you have to be in a certain location or at a certain point in the game or what. I'll keep playing to see "where" that moment is when it gets triggered.

So far, I'm not too crazy about this Windows Live and Market Place deal at all. Way too cumbersome for me. To get this add on to begin with, I had to go to the Windows Live website (not from Windows Live while the game). Windows Live while in the game makes no mention about an addon or anything remotely related to the game itself other than letting you connect with friends, how many bonus points you have and worthless crap like that. There is not even a section in Windows Live while in the game for information like that to even be in. Then when I went to this website, I had to do a lot of searching around to even get to the place to buy and get the download. Then it tells me I need a Windows Live Hotfix (why wasn't Windows Live each time I log on in a game telling me this). I then had to navigate to get this Hotfix, had to reboot and go back to the website to start the process all over again. Then I had to download it twice. One time the download was around 389 megs. Started game, see no addon in "Downloads", it takes me back to the website, then when I get to the download again, this time it's around 589 megs. This whole process hasn't been user friendly at all. And then when I finally get it, it doesn't seem to be working. If this Windows Live has to be in place, it should do everything from within the game itself, like popping up messages notifying about available patches or DLC and then take you to get it, install it and then take you back to the game. I wouldn't even have known about any patch or DLC if it wasn't for forums. Windows Live should be informing the person who has the Windows Live game installed when in the game about this stuff (or what the hell is it even there for). Right now I see this new trend of trying to get all the game makers on this Windows Live thing as worthless and a big waste of time.

I'm still trying to figure out what this whole Windows Live thing actually is and why it came to be. I guess someone (Microsoft) is trying to create a paradise of all game players connecting to a central location, holding hands and singing we are the world as we are playing our games. The old saying, "follow the money", I suspect that's what it's really about. Jeez, just give me the damn game, let me have control of what I want to do within it, show me where to get what I need for the game, let me do it myself, and I'll be quite good to go.
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