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Default Re: 60" Mitsubishi DLP - 3d glasses ready

You said to most people, viewing angles matter. Like I said before I have no idea where you came up with that info. I didn't take your words out of context, that is exactly what you said.

I figured you would have no proof that LCD provides a better picture at the same screen size. That is your opinion yet you are stating your opinion like it's a fact that all LCDs are better looking than DLPs which is of course false.
Of course you're 22 inch LCD would look great, it's hiding any artifacting or anomalies in that small screen size. Hell even SD on Directv would probably almost look HD on that little of a screen. Compare a good DLP set against a good LCD set of the same size like you said before and then give me proof that it the LCD will always provide a better picture.
We sit about 10 feet away from our 52 inch Mitsubishi DLP and there is no slight blur as you say, it is very sharp.

I am also a member over at AVS Forum also if that even matters.

Last thing if you don't see that people are being led to LCD because of the "cool" thinness factor then I don't know what to tell you. Most people have no idea what to look for in a tv but they just know that a thin tv is "cool"
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