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Default Re: 60" Mitsubishi DLP - 3d glasses ready

Originally Posted by Medion View Post
And the 120hz has absolutely nothing to do with response time. It's a jutter removal tool (as well as 24p support for Blu Ray) that both Plasma and DLP offer as well. You seriously need to educate yourself before you make arguments such as these.
Education? 120hz wasn't even an issue until lcds became "mainstream". Maybe you'd understand better if I referred to it as "motion blur"? DLPs have ~10 microsecond response time as opposed to typically 2-8 millisecond response time of LCDs. That's 2000 - 8000 times slower than dlps. A "jutter removal" is 2 to 3 pulldown. 120hz is a necessary evil for lcds that has turned into a marketing gimmick for other types of sets. I agree that while 120hz may be "better" for 24p according to enthusiasts since it is pure (meaning dupping 1 frame 5 times), on my lcos, i see no difference between 120hz and 60hz when my tv is fed a true 1080p/24p signal. The only arguement you have against dlps at that point is once again veiwing angles, where you made the blanket statement that "it matters to most people". How close are you sitting that you need viewing angles of > 130 degrees?

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