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Default Re: "Side-by-side" error...?

Here's another interesting tid bit... IE7 x64 fires up without that error... but I get the "This Web Page Cannot be Displayed" error.

Am currently rolling back the drivers, and then will try what you suggested last grey.
UPDATE: Well, rolled back the driver and still no go. Here's the kicker though- I now get it to connect to our network here without issue. It just seems that anything relating to the internet won't fire up, because of it's "Side-by-Side Configuration"... ()... so...

I opened cmd.exe (running as administrator) and notice something *very* odd, it lists the info for the Bluetooth Network Connection 2... okay, and lists the info for the "Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection" okay, lists the "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" okay, then it lists "Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* 7", 11-36.

1.) What does the "*" indicate after the "Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection" indicate, I've not seen that before.

2.) What is it referring to in regards to the "Tunnel adapter"... WTH is a "Tunnel adapter"?

3.) Why are there so many "Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection" listed? For every one of them, the Media State is "Media disconnected" if that changes anything, and the only other info for each "Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection" is the "Connection-specific DNS Suffix"... which is blank.

Not sure if this info helps.

Tried pinging, and appropriately the system could not find the host (you have to accept a "Terms of use" before you can use in-store Wi-Fi, and since I've yet to get the internet to connect, I've not been able to agree to said terms on this laptop). So I ping our router, and it says "Destination host unreachable".

To further complicate things the network activity icon in the taskbar (lower right) shows the computer is now connected to the internet, and opening IE7 x64 (the only browser that will even open) will return either "This Web Page Cannot be displayed" or "The address is not valid"- even if the address is valid such as "www . google . com" (without spaces). After typing in "www . google . com" (without spaces) into the address bar, it'll act like it's loading the page, but then the address changes to "http:///" and I get the "The address is not valid" message.

Might this be a virus?

Anyhow, my shift is up so I get to go home now, will have to try and resolve this tomorrow I guess... but please- if any of you have any suggestion post them!
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