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Originally Posted by Lost Dog View Post
I've got my eye on the 512M version myself! One of the reviews stated it's a G98. Does this have the power to do everything needed for bluray/HD?
I've got the 512M version w/ g98. While it supports all the vdpau decoders, including vc-1, be aware that at least for the moment it doesn't have the horsepower to use the higher-quality deinterlacers with 1080i video. That's with mythtv and the 180.25 driver. It could be a driver or application issue, but I suspect the hardware can't manage it.

Other than that, it has played everything I've thrown at it (13.5 Mbps h.264, vc-1, and so on) with ease while still handling the mythtv OSD smoothly.
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