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Default Another weird Vista problem

I work in tech support for a software company. One function of the software is that you can create a copy of the program on a laptop to take off the network, enter info into at another location, then import that info back into the server copy of the program later once that computer is networked again. The problem I have run into is that, once the copy has been made on the Vista laptop, trying to execute the copy that resides on the hard drive of the laptop opens the server copy of the same program instead of the local copy. If the network connection is disconnected, it gives the "Network drive not available" message. The shortcut path is correct. The only difference I can see in the target path is of the shortcut for the laptop copy of the program and another shortcut that does open a local target is that the shortcut that works correctly has quoation marks around the target path and the shortcut to the local copy of the program does not. I know this must be a Vista network/sharing/path setting but I am at a loss. Ideas?
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