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Default BFG GTX 260 Maxcore OC REV-B1 no backplate?


1. Just wanted to ask you guys if its normal for GTX 260 216 to come without a backplate? Can't provide a photo right now as I am at work. Also there are no RAM chips on the the back of the card and it feels a little lighter than my older GTX 260 192. As per GPU-Z the card is in fact BFG 260 Maxcore OC (216) with correct clocks.
2. Revision of the card is B1 so I assume it is 55nm but it runs kinda hot on idle 49C fan @ 40% and 80C full load. My old GTX 260 192 idled at around 46C. Could this relate to poor heat sink placement by BFG?

Will try to provide GPU-Z screenshot and a photo of the card when I get home.

Cheers and thanks for your input!
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