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Default Re: GTX 285 96C in Furmark okey ?

According to comments furmark is to extreme and no game will ever torture your card like that... so nothing to worry about , just don't play furmark all day

“In our lab tests we have discovered that when running Furmark to test for temperature, it tends to show results that would never be achieved in any circumstances (under normal running or overclocking). Running Furmark is highly risky therefore we do not recommend running this program for tests. This program pushes the VGA card to the point of maxing out, beyond limit and will burn out any cooler, stock or after market coolers after long period of testing. Even running games such as Far Cry 2 and GTA 4 extensively for long hours, the temperatures would never reach what Furmark’s excruciating tests put out.
Furthermore, it is crucial to have a 12cm fan installed running at 1600 RPM. This will ensure enough airflow to not only the HR-03 GTX heatsink body but also to the VRM heatsink plate. If you would like to run software to test for heatsink’s
temperature stability, we strongly recommend ATI Tools.
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