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Default Re: A7N266-VM : Geforce 2 MX Onboard : Freeze at NVIDIA Logo

I too have A7N266-VM and same problem that everyone on this post has faced. I don't know what to do. I have mentioned about this problem on different forum but Nvidia people has no clue. Everything was fine until 8776 but then everything was mess. Then 71xx used to work but since 1.5 xorg, these drivers are useless.

Do we throw away this chipset or linux.? NVIDIA developers, please have a look at our problem seriously. If u maintain this attitude no one will ever believe in you. U only support newer chipset. I am not interested in old distro. Please update 71xx to support xorg 1.5 and 1.599 or remove 9xxx bug so that we can used 3D in A7N266-VM.
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