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Default Re: GTX 285 96C in Furmark okey ?

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
Ok exactly one half hour of Furmark's stability test had me just hit 76C. Again, that was done @ 1920x1200 16x CSAA 70% fan speed in a closed TJ10 case. System fans are @ low. Card was clocked @ 711|2300 1500.

I'll try it again later with 80% fan speed. If this were a game we were talking about I'd definitely kick up the fan speed. I don't like to be higher than 70C.

EDIT: 20mins as above with 80% fan speed = 70C exactly.
Allright then it sounds like I may have some serious problems or its is just the damn P182 case hehe.

Will get a fan infront of it and see if it helps or else I will get a better case, I really hate it annyway. so little space there is to do annything in it. and to work with the modular cables in this case is a nigthmare!

Great temps you have there and thanks a lot that you took the time checking this out Backlash very appritiated
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