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Default 12 GB of memory + vista 64bit

Hi I have question with regards to the way Windows vista 64bit handles memory. I plan to upgrade my pc to an Core i7 platform and plan run 2 sets of 6 GB tri channel memory units (12 GB total). My main use of the computer is graphics / photography / and gaming. If I had Photoshop CS4 (32bit) and Photoshop Lightroom 2 (32bit) since Adobe has yet to release any of their programs in 64bit. My question is how will vista 64bit handle these 32bit apps memory allocations? For example will vista allow both programs to use up to the max 4 GB each that 32bit program can recognize? Or will all of these 32bit applications be force to share the first 4 GB of memory on the system?

Memory break down:

Photoshop CS4 : 4gb used memory
Photoshop Lightroom 2 : 4gb used memory

Leaving Windows vista with 4gb of memory left

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