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Default Re: No luck

Originally Posted by Ravna View Post
I build a new box and installed the smallest possible system from CD.
Then I rebuild world and kernel (FreeBSD 7.1-p2) + Xorg 7.4.
My card is a 9600 GT.

I tried the driver from the ports, then 180.23 and 180.25, with and without the -ignoreABI option.
but always get the message that module wfb could not be loaded.

As a side note,
there are a lot of apps which build, but segfault or complain about illegal instructions,
since xcb was bumped to v2.
E17 pukes, KDE doesnt even start . . .

As jnr said - never jump on the bandwagon too soon.
Same thing with 180.25 and 8800GTX - libwfb cannot be loaded.
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