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Default Re: Three Need for Speed Games In Development

Originally Posted by zer0 View Post
yeah, only the developers of GRiD where the ones that pulled that off(almost photorealistic graphics)
Photorealistic? It did look good, but if you looked carefully for a seconds you would see where the cuts have been made.
Originally Posted by Medion View Post
Actually, my joke was about Nekro always telling people that I'd get angry with them. As for people being sensitive about consoles, I used to be the same way. Back when I was playing my Genesis, but the PC was getting all of the best games, I was jealous. Now that the roles are reversed, the PC Gaming crowd is getting jealous.

Of course, I learned my lesson back then - just play on both platforms, that way I can get any game I want, as well as the superior version of any multi-platform release
Jls? I dono about that...

As for the games... well. I don't know. Though a mention of the "right thumbstick" kind of makes it lose it's credibility as being realistic.
Also I see what they mean - by making a "driving experience" "sim", though it might end up being a realistic-ish version of GRID with similar immersion effects.

It might also prove to be too much for them to effectively handle and we might end up with a few other "EA get-em-out-fast" games.
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