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Default Re: Some questions about TVs and monitors...

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
First, What are the main fundamental differences between an LCD TV and an LCD computer monitor? You can get monitors that have component and HDMI inputs and you can get TVs that have DVI and VGA inputs, so they can technically be used for many of the same things... but what makes a TV all around better for being used as a TV and a monitor better for being used as a monitor? Are there visual or functional differences that apply to all monitors or all TVs?
Here's the thing, a monitor is going to be more expensive because it's a much better panel than the ones that are in lcd tvs. Even though it is going to have the same inputs of a lcd tv, the resolution is often 2560x1600 as compared to 1920x1080(if it's even 1080p). Since the resolution is so much higher for the monitors, the pixel pitch is often much much smaller (again a better panel). Lcd tvs will often have integrated tuners, since that is their intended purpose. Other than that, the only other real difference is that monitors are typically 60hz whereas you can find lcd tvs that will do 120hz (some even higher). The reason for the 120hz is "motion blur", usually an accommodation to the slower response time of lcd tvs. All in all, I think the answer to your question is a monitor is a monitor because it's a much better panel.

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Some of the obvious things that come to mind are that TVs have remotes and monitors generally don't. A common thing seems to be that TVs are 16:9 to fit with the 720P and 1080P resolutions, while monitors tend to have much higher 16:10 resolutions at much lower prices and screen sizes (for example a 24" 1920x1200 monitor vs a 32" 720P TV). Another big one is that TVs usually have cable inputs and tuners. This is a big one for many people, but then again, many TVs these days don't have these because of the abundance of external tuners and satellite\cable boxes.

But this brings up another big question.

I've only ever used or worked with analog TVs and plain old analog cable, so I have zero experience with cable boxes and external tuners. The thing that blows my mind is how TVs and DVR\DVDR recorders work with TV channels when they are just connected via standard video connections (like component or HDMI) through a cable box or tuner.

For example, why do TVs that don't have built in tuners have channel adjustment buttons on their remotes? And how do you record different channels on a DVR or DVD recorder that has no cable input? If you can only change the channel using your cable box then you must always have the same channel on your TV and your recorder? It seems kind of pointless this way, but my understanding of video connections (not TV cable) is that they are simply video and do not carry multiple channels, so it doesn't seem like it can work any other way.

Any input or sites regarding these things would be a big help.
External tuners (sat, cable, dvr, etc) do handle the channels, so your above question is kind of confusing. I think what you are referring to are OTA (over the air) HD. Which can be explained a little here. I know a buddy that has one, and his "channel adjustment buttons" are used to tune to the specific frequencies of the channels, ie channel 13 may be 12.8. So he adjusts that when he selects channel 13, that the tv tunes to the 12.8 frequency.

Again, this last part is a little confusing. Not exactly sure what you're talking about, but the above may help. If you are questioning remotes, they are usually packaged to work with many different models in a series. So just because one model doesn't have a tuner, doesn't mean that none in the series do. As far as dvi-d, hdmi, component, composite, etc only carrying one signal, you are correct there. The tv doesn't change the channel, the external tuner does.

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