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Default the confusing instructions

OK. Let's start from the top: the top section is entitled: NVIDIA 1.0-4496 Linux x86 Driver Patches which is what I should be using. Everything reads OK, I get down to the download section and I see

Confusing: what is pkg0 ? The current download from nvidia is pkg2. I don't even have a pkg0 anywhere on my system.

So, I download anyway. I untar, and I see a .manfest and a nvidia-installer. The only thing in the .tar.gz file.

Confusing: Does this mean I am supposed to copy these files over to the stuff that is --extracted-only from the pkg2 file ? I tried this, but maybe this is what caused things to fail when compiled ?

Confusing: Now we get down another level to the part that actually works; that is, the patches dated 9/5/03. They are listed as applicable to the
(2.6.0-test4) kernel. But, they also work for the new kernel -test5. I know this by installing it and trying it not by the instructions in the README.

I am not trying to be harsh at all. I am very grateful for these patches becuase they WORK !
I am just saying in order to get them to work, I can;t just follow the instructions, I have to get help from somewhere else like here, or get lucky on my own !
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