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Exclamation Re: Hybrid power support on Linux?

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Hi Nico.Laus,

We currently do not have plans to support Hybrid Power on Linux. However, you should be able to configure X to use your motherboard GPU.
Does this apply to notebooks with soft switch like the Sony Serie Z ? From other posts it looks like this wonderful piece of machinery is totally unusable under linux just because of this.

Can you at least provide us a mean or even a clue to select a GPU or the other at boot time ? (I really really don't care about switching it live, I just want to have an usable system).

I upgraded my Sony SZ perfectly running under gentoo with both GPUs with a 2400 euros Sony Z just to discover that it is totally unusable because it has a software switch with no spec released with it !

If you don't want to support any driver for it, fine, but then please release the spec (and please don't call that IP, your main competitor does it too).

Thanks a lot in advance.
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