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Default Re: Problems with 9300M GS on Sony Vaio Z11

Originally Posted by gbin View Post
Perhaps, somebody can install a kernel debugger under Vista, trigger the switch with a breakpoint in the handler to see what are the actions on the hardware to activate one mode or the other before reinitializing the GUI ?

I tried, but my vista crashes pretty hard with the debug kernel. The XP process might actually be the more useful one, since X has absolutely no prospects for hot-switching of graphics drivers in the near future. If we could hit whatever BIOS calls or registers XP does when booting, we'd be able to get the Insyde BIOS to present only the currently switched card at boot time, which would force the nV card to initialise it's VBIOS, and solve the problem.

Or if they supported the BIOSBase parameter, we'd have it working now, since I could strap a dumped BIOS into X.
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