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Default Re: Oblivion PC Initial Gameplay / Performance Impressions

Originally Posted by Bearclaw View Post
I always liked this game, but never finished it. I threw it out eventually.
Actually, I believe you sold it to me.

And I pray they do TES:V, and I hope it is very similar to Oblivion, only with some rather vast improvements.

I, of course, want the game to push the envolope in regards to visuals- this shall include the use of PhysX/Havok.

I also would like more dynamic AI.

I would love there to be smoothing loading as you move about the world. I don't experience stutter because of poor framerate, I experience stutter because the game is always loading the next area. If you're on foot, this isn't noticable, but on a horse it is terrible.

I'd like to have larger and more "epic" feeling battles. It was a cute attempt in Oblivion, but none of the battles felt very EPIC. Especially the last one in front of Bruma. I was left feeling a little disappointed. I want tons of character, enemies and allies alike, I want castles being seiged, I want to be running about the castle trying to help my allies fight off the enemies. I want the siege of the castles to not be so scripted. I'd like it to be very random, much like the "director" in L4D. I want to run across the castle wall, weaving in and out of the archers, and not know whether or not a flaming boulder from a catapault will hit the wall where or near where I'm at. Nothing so major it'll drastically alter the story, of course- but some thing that adds spice and replay value to the game.

I want competition in the game. In Oblivion, your character obviously improves... but what about the other adventurers? What about the other people trying to climb the ranks in teh Great Arena?

I could go on and on, but I'm tired, it's late, this should be sufficient.
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