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Default Re: x11/nvidia-driver does not compile on current

Originally Posted by zander View Post
I took a quick look at recent kernel changes. From what I could see, replacing the minor() calls in the NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics driver's kernel interface layer with dev2unit() calls should fix the problem. I'll take a closer look as time permits.
Thank you for the hint, zander@. I tried it and changed all places from minor() to dev2unit() in the files src/nvidia_dev.c and src/nvidia_subr.c. It compiled and installed fine!

After that I had to change back the link /usr/local/lib/xorg/modules/ from to,1. Now I can run nvidia-driver again with newest xorg-server. I also tested some 3D apps like astro/celestia.

Is it possible to incorporate changes for FreeBSD CURRENT in the next driver version?

Thank you again,
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