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Tenebrae doesn't look that great. the texture quality in particular is horrible, mainly because Quake 1's textures suck by today's standards. hopefully the retexturing project will be finished soon. i certainly can't wait for Tenebrae Quake with high quality textures.

secondly, the models in Tenebrae look just as bad as they did in Quake, and the animations suck. again, not the fault of Tenebrae's author, and i think he is working with some model interpolation for the next version or something.

i'm not exactly sure what this means
-Automatic light extraction. (no dark maps anymore)
but it sounds like the levels will be brighter and so there will be less "ambience."

just pointing out that as great as Tenebrae is, it certainly isn't perfect and could/will be better in the future.

edit: you can start using the new high quality textures now, Quake never looked so good
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