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Not pretty, not pretty at all.
No kidding. Now flicker is gone but I have a new problem: So what if I get nice 3DMark scores of 15000 and 5800 when I am getting slowdowns in UT2K3 of down to SIX FRAMES PER SECOND in 4XAA/4XAF in the DM-Icetomb map at 1024x768?! That's unacceptable. I'm sure the 9800XT will do way better here, so back this goes again, and I'll be an ATI guy for now at least. I really tried Nvidia, and I really appreciate you fixed the flicker, but you seem to have spent all your engineering efforts getting to .13 micron instead of focusing on actual GPU design. Quite sad. I hope BestBuy takes this back with no hassle.
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