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Do you have to pay a restocking fee each time you bring it back? Will this be your second time taking it back?
First time, I bought it from Allstarshop, who were very rude to me about the return. They wanted 15% restocking to boot. I sold the card on eBay for more than I would have gotten after restocking. Lost about $50. Now I bought the 2nd 5900 at a local BestBuy store that has no restocking fee, but they might bitch to me about the return. Should have gotten it at CircuitCity... I'm sure it will work out though. In any event, I'm holding out for 9800XT and Catalyst 3.8. That should be quite something. Maybe all (as opposed to 50%) of my UT2K3 maps will be playable at 4x/8x at 1024 with everything maxed. That's my dream!
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