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Default More PM spam and a comment on spambots in general

This time from a bot called LeonidHummer. Message reads as follows:

At Titan Poker, we offer you the choice of first deposit bonuses so you can get the deal you want! Simply visit our web site, where the link you will receive your bonus!

Titan Poker - Receive 200% on your first deposit, up to $500! This means that if you were to deposit $100, you would get a $200 bonus. If you deposit $200, you would get a bonus of $400 and so on all the way up to $500!
I also wanted to suggest that this forum implement one of those picture code things that are designed to deter spambots. I've seen it done on other forums and should not be too hard to do here. The number of spambots that have been infiltrating this particular forum has been nothing short of ridiculous, and more measures need to be put in place to combat them.
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