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Default Re: downclocked ROM on EVGA GTX260 SSC 55nm (-1258-)

I find it a bit funny that it is FC2 that gives problems to you. Out of all my games I've tested, FC2 is the only one that actually doesn't make my card increase fan speed because the temps are ~70C even with 1920 1200 ultra 8xAA.

The games I've played/checked temps with: (using max details including ingame AA/aniso and no framecap)

STALKER Clear sky: 82C
Armed Assault 1.14: 81C
TR Underworld: (81C, this one has graphical glitches, probably a driver issue with 1.1 patch)
TR anniversary and legend: ~75C
X-Blades: 81C
UT3 1.3: 79C
Furmark: 85C (62% fan)

It's also sad that not everything is as it's supposed to be. For example those strange glitches in TRU while other games work fine (and they are MUCH more stressing ones too). I also got that nv4_disp error once when playing X-Blades (first 4h didn't do crap, however the next time I got that after 2h+ of playing) but it didn't really come as a surprise, as my earlier 8800GT gave that error 25% of the time I was playing Armed Assault (again, other games did NOT do this).

What bothers me is the quality control here, it's very possible that certain games make your hardware bug even if others work ok (especially with these factory oc'd cards). Also 18x.xx drivers have been horrible for me, so horrible that I didn't even try to use them when I got this EVGA SSC and instead I went for the 178.24 but perhaps these bug too unless it's the card itself making those few exceptions. Temps and noise... well.

In the end, what I'm trying to say that when I hade 7900gto, 7800gtx, 6800gt, and earlier NVIDIAs I didn't have too many problems. Only when I got GF8 series card (and later this gt200 which basically is the same tech) the problems occurred. If I was 10 years younger I could live with it and play around with drivers but these days, no way.

(now that was some offtopic rant )
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