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Default Re: downclocked ROM on EVGA GTX260 SSC 55nm (-1258-)

Originally Posted by Renzo View Post
I find it a bit funny that it is FC2 that gives problems to you. Out of all my games I've tested, FC2 is the only one that actually doesn't make my card increase fan speed because the temps are ~70C even with 1920 1200 ultra 8xAA.
Yeah, heat doesn't seem to be the problem. The shader just can't physically reach 1458 despite any voltage level. FC2 must be tickling the particular limiting wire path. If I bump the shader up just 1 notch, it locks within seconds. Down one notch, and it appears to run forever. At 1458, anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour... very frustrating to isolate...

I'm using the Vista 64-bit 181.22 drivers.
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