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Default Re: Microsoft Announces Win7 Versions

Originally Posted by ASUSEN7900GTX View Post
seems as ultimate won´t be a "oS" in it self rather a add-on and then W7 Pro looks more appealing if it offers better stuff than home premium that is

so i guess Pro will be like ultimate was for vista as there were a home premium in vista as well?

well interesting i guess here in Sweden we will pay about 3-5K for Pro wich is so idiotic why do a OPS has to cost as much as a GFX card?

woul be better if it retailed at 1500-2000SEK instead.

But i guess the greed still is so big a M$ so that is why they charge a fortune and that they are alone no one can compete with them in the same way=monopoly
there really is no reason why an OS should cost $400. Mac OSX is like $130 and has just as many features.
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