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MAXPOWER.... you also have my support, you've given plenty of valid/plausable explinations to many peoples issue.... much appreciated and keep up the good work!

Having read the thread (whooah!! Poetry), regarding C++ SDK... (no I haven't downloaded it yet.....).. I have noticed that I get that noise in IE when scrolling.. only faint but I have to admit it is actually there. I don't seem to get it in normal windows only in IE..

I have noticed a slight stutter on some games since updating to the new drivers (no flicker!!).. I.e. Vietcong, CoD demo, Black Hawk down..... nothing too serious but just enough to be noticable. With such a fast GPU, coupled with everything else I realy wouldn't expect and stutters/slow downs.... I'm intrigued as to what Nvidia have done with these drivers?? I have also noticed a slight drop on 3DMark2001SE/2003 benchmarks

I personally was very dissapointed when I installed my worth of mega GFX card, only to find that it had ALL these issues. You would have thought (knowing that Nvidia found issues and fixed with a fudged driver), you would have thought that these issues would have manifested themselves sooner during Nvidias, testing phase??? I have been using Nvidia for several years now and must say that I will continue to go with Nvidia, but I think I might wait a good few months before updating to the next best GFX card (NV40)........

I am worried about HL2 as I have mainly upgraded my GFX card with this game in mind.... fingers crossed something gets sorted.

I get the impression that ATI owners like winding up Nvidia owners?? I don't want to get involved in this war, but I know of at least three people who have thrown away their 9800s and bought 5900Us... something to do with compatability issues??
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