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Default Re: Home Server Recommendations?

WHS is the only Windows product that allows disk pooling. You'll need a ZFS file system from Solaris, Linux, Snow Leopard in order to do disk pooling. With your current storage situation, WHS looks like your best bet. Especially since it looks like you're only planning on spending around 100-150 on hard drives. Soft RAID 5 is not going to give you decent IO performance for HD media. You'd need 3 1GB drives and a real raid card. You're going to be looking at over $500 for all of that. I'd stick with WHS personally.

I'm a big fan of WinSSHD/Tunnelier combonation for remote access (Secure RDP, SFTP). FreeSSH will do just as well as long as you configure it properly and Tunnelier. The SFTP client with Tunnelier will let you move directories remotely without copying to your machine first.
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