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Default Re: CPU scaling with GeForce 295 GTX

I read the article earlier today. It all comes back to resolution. At 1680 you'll see some gains with a faster cpu, at 1920 those gains will be less pronounced. At 2560 they will almost disappear in most cases.

I really don't feel that a Q9650 is a cost effective upgrade over a Q6600. It costs about $350 to gain another 5 - 15% increase in fps. The only way you're really going to see larger gains is going to an i7 920 and replacing your board.

A Q9650 from 3ghz to 4GHZ in WiC is 50fps to 58 fps. A gain of 16%. Far Cry 2 is 75 to 84 fps. A gain of 12%. CoH 113 to 122. 8% gain. Fallout 3 65 to 70, 8% gain.

WiC shows the best scaling percentage wise but it still won't play a huge role IMO. The rest of them are all above 60fps anyway so those gains aren't going to be nearly noticeable.
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