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Default Re: CPU scaling with GeForce 295 GTX

Wow I'm so pissed right now... It's not the first time this has happened either. There is a certain key combo that causes you to go back, maybe ctrl + b or something. When trying to capitalize a letter I accidentally hit that combo causing all of my post to be lost. I usually start typing up long posts into notepad because of this, but I didn't do it and naturally it happens again. EDIT: I know exactly what it is now. It's Crtl + R causing the page to reload!!!

Yea Crysis is a weird game when it comes to benchmarks. Vantage obviously will show differences because it has tests specifically for the CPU.

My main point I was trying to make was when you're already GPU bound, increasing your clock speed shouldn't make a difference. If you're cpu bound then increasing the CPU will help with fps, only to the point where you're GPU bound again. So if there is place where you have low fps because you are GPU bound, increasing the cpu isn't going to do anything for that despite the average fps going up because of other parts where you might be cpu bound.

A good example of this is in WiC where the A-bomb drops, that's all GPU-bound and increasing the CPU from 2Ghz to 4Ghz won't change the fps one bit. There is another part in that test where the planes make a fly by. I might only hit 60fps there where an i7 could hit 100+ fps. The averages will go up with the faster cpu, but overall gameplay really won't change for the better because I'll still easily notice the lag at the A bomb, but when I'm already getting a smooth 60fps as the planes fly over 100 fps isn't going to make them look a lot smoother.

I'm not doubting that it you did see a difference, I'm just trying to interpret it so that it makes sense where it would really help.
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