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What could help is to change the handling of the textmode screen from that FB stuff that SuSE is using into a normal text console.

I think there is an option for this somewhere.

I am running SuSE 8.2 myself, but I recompiled the kernel (for another reason) and while doing that I removed the FB support.

It then boots up with a standard dull 80x24 text screen instead of the nice graphic screen with SuSE logo, but I don't care.
I did this after reading about difficulties switching between X and textmode screens.
At first it worked fine, but after I had configured my card to use 2 X screens (CRT and TV) the trouble returned. Now, when I switch to textmode, that is output on the TV. The CRT has text but it is not updated when I type.

Well, why would one want to exit X?
Use graphical login, and shutdown from the login screen.
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