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Default Re: CPU scaling with GeForce 295 GTX

From a friend:

"The big boost in Crysis scores that you obtained from your E8500 were mostly because the entire Crysis game executable "fits" in the L2 cache of the CPU. 6MB's is more than enough to house the engine locally in the CPU die while your older CPU only had 4MB's (available). Remember that the Quad Cores do not share cache (if you were thinking you had 8MB's available to the game) nor does the game provide code for this. The Crysis game engine is about 5% too big to fit into the 4MB cache of the 65nm CPU's. As you already know, having the game executable a thousandth of an inch away from the processing cores (vs. 4 inches away in the RAM banks) reduces communication latency immeasurably."

I guess the same is for the Q6600 VS Q9650 debate.

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