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Ok - i now have tested with 2.4.23-pre2 (and -pre3)

I also got a chance to test on a Abit and a Epox board with nforce2, and with a other burner from a friend. And additionally to my kernels, i tested with Mandrake and Knoppix.


All nforce2 boards lead to that timeout with system hang when using my burner (Yamaha CRW3200E) , No matter which kernel or which setting. (only exeption: it's burning fine with udma disabled - oh, and it's working in Windows, too)

On all other boards i tried (my old via kt133, and my old celeron and p2 boards) the burner works flawlessly, also it's possible to put the burner into a ide-usb2 case and burn at all speeds (1-24x)

My friends burner workes fine on all nforce boards i tried.


I am the lucky owner of a combination that simply doesn't work.
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