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Default GTx 280 pink screen crash on first running 3D game from 2-3 hours rest.

So recently I had "pink" screen crashings everytime I first run a 3D game when I first turn on my computer. Here is how it happened. So every night I turned off my computer and go to sleep. I woke up the next day and turned on my computer. Everything boot up fine and I logged in to my desktop. Then I open up a 3D game which is Left 4 Dead. After I got in the game for like 3 - 5 mins I got a pink screen crash. I can't alt tab out I had to hard restart the comp. Then it works fine after that not a single crash. It just happens like that everytime I turned off the c omputer for at least 2 - 3 hours then the crash happen after I turn on the comp and open up a 3D game. I tried this with other 3D game too like World of Warcraft and same thing happened. I tried with both window XP and Vista (32 and 64 bit) and the problem still happen. I dont overclock my compter everything runs at stock speed.

My comp spec:

Intel Quad core Q9450 @ 2.66ghz
4G Corsair Dominator
EVGA GTX 280 (stock)
Powersupply Enermax Galaxy DXX series 850W
Asus P5K/EPU motherboard

I have no heating issue at all. My cpu cooler is Noctua Ibought it for $70. I have 5 x 120mm fans and 1x 200mm fan. I have RealTemp, CPU-Z, GPU-z running and the temps are fine. If anyone has this same problem or have any suggestions I really appreciated.
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