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Default Re: European Union at it again

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Come on guys, this is what happens when Microsoft tie IE into the OS so tight and other of their software. Firefox doesn't tie itself into the OS, no sofware like this should.

Ever wonder why Office requeries service packs to be installed before you can even install it, I mean it's a damn piece of software tied into the core of the OS. Apple do this as well(Apple dont have a Monopoly like Microsoft do or huge share), you need a X version of leopard to even run their software such as iLife.

OpenOffice 3 will run on XP/Vista without service packs(even windows 2000 with Sp2), see the point?


This has nothing to do with how "tied into the OS" the software is. With each service pack there comes additional features and functionality added to the windows API that newer versions of their software might require to function with. There is always more than one way for a programmer to make a given piece of software perform a given task.

Microsoft probably used features new to these service packs in their newer versions of office. They could have used another "more compatible" route for sure when they wrote the software that doesn't require a newer API backend. But instead, for whatever reason, they decided that they'd rather have the user update their version of windows than write the newer software using legacy code.

Is that the right or wrong way to do it? Really depends on who you ask, but ultimately there is no right or wrong way. Some ways, however, obviously offend some people (such as yourself) for no apparent reason.
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