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Default Help needed from 295 owners

Hi guys, I need your help to confirm if my instability issues are general or just down to my particular system. This is for an article I'm writing, so I don't want to slam the 295 if it's my system that's at fault. I'm running the latest 181.22 drivers (with 9.09.001 PhysX drivers).

1) NVIDIA Fluid Demo crashes after around 10 seconds. It crashed after about one second before I upgraded to the latest PhysX drivers. This occurs under both WinXP & Vista (32-bit). If I replace the GTX 295 card with an 8800 GTX card I get no crashes. Itís quite important that someone test out the stability of this demo on a 295 card under WinXP for me.

2) Nurien Tech Demo produces a lower average frame rate and is generally less smooth under Vista than under WinXP. The 295 card under Vista is also slower than a single 8800 GTX card under Vista.

3) Physics CPU test under 3DMark Vantage crashes. Strangely, immediately after installing the updated PhysX drivers it ran a couple of times, then it stopped running again. Very odd. Again, no problem if I drop in an 8800 GTX card.

4) Other PhysX demos appear to run okay.

5) Vista seems to hang for 30 seconds on a regular basis, but does not if I replace the 295 with an 8800 GTX.

I would put all of these down to a corrupt Vista installation, but the crash in the Fluid demo under WinXP is the odd one out. Apart from this one application I haven't encounter any problems with the 295 card under WinXP. God I hate Vista!!

Any confirmations/assistance would be much appreciated.
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