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Default Re: Microsoft Announces Win7 Versions

The only features I see so far between Premium and Professional of any consequence are:
- More advanced networking (home workgroups and business support)
- more advanced backup
- Disk encryption

lets discuss each:

More advanced networking:
The teases in Win7 beta with the advanced home networking, looks appealing but its too early to see if it makes any real difference to advanced users like us for our needs.
What about in multi OS environments?
Wife just bought a vista laptop.
My work XP-based system and its VPN?
What about networked printers and other networked hardware? NAS? Win2K?

The more advanced backup:
Honestly, do we REALLY do backups? Or only critical data files to secondary/external volume.
Don't honestly see this as a real-world selling point for us. (We all should. But we don't)

Disk encryption:
And if my system fails through some other HW/MB problem? How do I retrieve my data files. (this has been a major headache in my business environments)
Not really interested for my personal system.
If you use disk encryption, you really need to do good backups. More $$$

So that really only leaves the networking.
Whats the $$ cost difference between the two?
Whats the performance difference for more gaming aligned users.

Are there any other significant features between the two I missed?

Time will tell.
Can't wait for the reports from RC1.

I fully intend to adopt Win7 64bit soon after launch.
Many of the reasons I skipped Vista initially have been resolved (vendor support mostly) , and I have replaced much of my older non-vista bits. (printers and such, which made the TCO for the vista upgrade a year ago unacceptable)

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