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Default Re: Sticky: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 285 or GTX 295" thread

Just got my EVGA GTX295 . Here are some first impressions and benchies:


Intel Core Duo 2 Core 6600 (3.51Ghz)
GF8800GTX (630/2010)
EVGA GTX295 (680/1180)
4GB DDR2-832Mhz
ForceWare 181.22
Windows XP 32Bit with SP3

8800GTX Results

Doom3: 1280x1024 + 8xFSAA + 16xAF + Ultra Quality= 111.6
Codecreatures 1600x1200 + 4xFSAA + 16xAF = 145.4
Crysis: 1024x768 + Tweaked Very High + 16xCSAA + 16xAF = 35.13
Crysis: 1600x1200 + Extreme settings + 16xAF = 17
Far Cry 2: 1600x1200 + 16xAF + Ultra settings: 30,78
Far Cry 2: 1600x1200 + 8xFSAA + 16xAF + Ultra settings: 18,59
GTA4: 1600x1200 Benchmark: 42.75

GTX295 Results

Doom3: 1600x1200 + 8xFSAA + 16xAF + Ultra Quality= 184.0
Codecreatures 1920x1440 + 4xFSAA + 16xAF = 176.0
Crysis: 1024x768 + Tweaked Very High + 16xCSAA + 16xAF = 46.48
Crysis: 1600x1200 + Extreme settings + 16xAF = 33.58
Far Cry 2: 1600x1200 + 4xFSAA + 16xAF + Ultra settings: 58.56 (with Disabled AI=72.01)
Far Cry 2: 1600x1200 + 8xFSAA + 16xAF + Ultra settings: 48.88 (with Disabled AI=63.58)
GTA4: 1920x1440 Benchmark: 48.75

As you can see, the results are pretty good. Just some clarifications though.

I'm benching Crysis with Rygel's Texture Pack (which kills the vRam when FSAA is enabled and makes the game unplayable) + Natural Mod + Extreme Quality 1.31 by jmanrob. The extreme settings are my values that surpass the very high settings (like the LOD and the 3D vegetation pop-up). CodeCreatures and Doom3 really took off with even higher settings but you can notice that in Aquamark and GTA4 i'm CPU limited, even though my E6600 is at 3.51Ghz. The same limitation is present also in Far Cry 2, although the game is enjoyable at "1600x1200 + 4xFSAA + 16xAF + Ultra settings".

Regarding the micro-stuttering, GTA4 suffers A LOT from it. I didn't have any major stuttering problem with the other games though. The temps were OK, 52/54 at idle with the fan at 50% and when benching the max temp was arround 63 celcius with fan speed at 70%.

I highly recommend this card to those that have a powerful QuadCore or I7. To those with DualCores (even if you have it at 3.6Ghz) i'd recommend a GTX285 though. Looking forward to more games now
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