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Default Re: downclocked ROM on EVGA GTX260 SSC 55nm (-1258-)

Ok, I'll rant some more now.

My EVGA GTX 260 SSC 55nm is defective.

When I launch Tomb Raider Underworld, it starts to show graphical glitches when the card's core temperature reaches 71C. The hotter the core gets the more it glitches.

1) I downclocked the card to 602/1298 (core/shader) and checked again. Temps were 74C and no graphical glitches were found after a while.

2) Back to stock clocks, but increased the fan speed to 62% which caused the core temp to remain 67C and below -> no glitches on screen.

3) On two games, STALKER Clear Sky and X-Blades I saw momentarily a graphic bug that looked like side five on a dice when the temps were around 80C.

The problem is that the "auto" function of the fan starts to increase the fan speed only after the core reaches 73C - 2C over the limit that already causes those glitches. It is NOT acceptable to be forced to use 3rd party software to tune the fanspeed to prevent those glitches. Also TRU is not the heaviest games so games like ArmA and Clear Sky and Crysis will always make the core go beyond that magical 71C temperature. My chassis is well-ventilated P182B so there is very little to do about it as the card will also hit those 80C temps using open air setup.
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