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Default Re: European Union at it again

When Apple ties things together, they're called innovators.

When M$ does it, for software cohesion and to innovate, they're monopolists.

A car doesn't *need* round wheels to run, but ovals don't work as well. Some of you are saying the browser isn't necessary; Of COURSE IT ISN'T!!! It's there because of M$'s planned move into a subscription-based software plan. It's there to make interaction with the OS seemless and consistent.

I don't love M$. But I also see the insane jealousy of other companies wanting handouts. I don't thing that's right, either.

I like linux, as it is and for what it is. I still think windows has a more intuitive GUI and just has better flow to its GUI. Now, the linux community is trying really hard to...<drum roll> duplicate windows. The entire fuctionality of be it kde, gnome, enlightenment, sawfish...they all want to do one thing - be as good as or better than windows. So, they "borrow" M$ OS methodology and incorporate it into linux. And I don't mind that at all. I just don't think M$ should have to reinvent their concept of browser integration because a few less fortunate companies don't have it right yet.

As others have said it, it's really simple...don't buy M$ Windows if you don't like the integration. Or, create a more robust GUI for linux to make it more appealing. I have no problem with command line. I certainly don't want to have to teach it to my 100+ employees.
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