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Default Re: monitor goes to sleep after startx

Originally Posted by nv4ever View Post
Hey guys, about a month ago my monitor started to go to sleep when the computer boots up, right after the nvidia logo splashscreen. It seems to happen randomly and maybe it doesn't happen if I move the mouse sometime earlier in the boot process. Just a little annoying.

Has anyone else experienced this or found a solution? I assume it's something I've installed but I'm not sure what.

I'm using Gentoo linux and the onboard GeForce MX4 with nvidia-drivers-96.43.09.

It could have started around the time I installed nvidia-settings-180.22 but I've tried downgrading to 177.80 and the problem still occurs. Or maybe it was when I upgraded to linux 2.7.10. But that could be a red herring
You'd have better luck posting this (or having it moved to) the Linux section. Just to be a smartass, I'd have go say your monitor should stop having sex during POST...that always knocks me out, lol.
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