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Default Re: European Union at it again

Originally Posted by Shamrock View Post
never? Where do you think Linux came from? Linus Torvalds is from Finland, and most distros of linux are from Germany.
Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Oh ofcourse I know you people here are mostly from the U.S and dont mostly have a passports or think the world revolves around your country. Yes Linus comes from Finland, most of the worlds servers are run on Linux.
Well, you can't really associate linux with any specific geographic port of origin.

For example, Richard Stalin (aka Richard Stallman) believes that his work is what linux is mostly comprised of (vis a vis, the gnu coreutils, which most people who use linux associate with being "linux.") Richard Stalin is a fat communist from Berkely California, so if he is to be believed, then what you see as "linux" is American for the most part.

Technically he would be corect as the gnu coreutils (again, that most people who use linux associate with being "linux" per se) came long before linux did for use in other posix operating systems, and then were later ported for use with the linux kernel, and 99.99% distributions include them and are built around them.

Although I really wouldn't associate the current day coreutils with him as he is more of an armchair general as he doesn't write software anymore, just makes speeches about how everybody should be forced to give their work away for free (in opposition to that of Linus Torvolds views.) But many of the current day developers of the gnu tools, as well as the linux kernel itself, are American.
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