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Default Re: wfb-related stability problems caused by wmcpu

After upgrading to 180.22 the problem still persists.

I installed 180.27 but it made the problem much worse, so I downgraded. I don't know whether that was an unrelated problem; all I know is that when the bug was triggered it made my X session unusable, making X irresponsive for long periods and substituting my window frames with random bitmaps. That didn't happen with 177.80 and hasn't yet happened with 180.22.

The lack of response on your side even after carefully following the required steps for a bug report makes me think that it's a known hardware problem that you can't solve without replacing my card and that I should not have bought it in the first place. So, in case of lack of response I'll take the actions that I consider appropriate, which can of course be damaging for the sales of this card that I'm already regretting to have bought.
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