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Default PC shutdown in 3DM2003. Help!

I upgraded my video card, and went from a 5800 to an Alabtron 5900PV. After installation, everything went like a breeze. I benchmarked, I tested etc. Then I got to 3DMark 2003. Midway gametest 2 the PC shut down. I was able to reproduce the problem.

Thoughts and Facts:
1.PC shuts down during tests 2,3 or 4 of 3DM2K3
2.Its not the PSU's fault, I tried it with a 550W PSU and a 300W one, both shut down.
3.I disconnected everything extra while testing, only HD and video card had power.
4.I tried the card on my older P4 1.6 on an i845WN motherboard and it works fine.
5.The PC shuts down during Gunmetal as well. This leads me to believe it only happens with certain DX9 apps.
6.Any other games worked fine. 3DMark 2001 was left looping last night and this morning and it worked fine.
7.Appears to be a motherboard compatibility issue.
8.Its not overclocking as I brought my CPU and ram to normal speeds after the first shutdown.
9.Tested in clean Windows installation as well. Still shutdown.
10.Appears not to shutdown when I use any form of AA. Gunmetal run for 1 hour during testing without a shutdown.

My system is a P4 2.53 on an Asus P4PE motherboard, 512Mb DDR333 Ram, SB Audigy, Seagate HD.

Any suggestions?
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