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these are bad news.
I told u that skipping Apic has worked for me but may be not for another configuration
I dont know why but for me has worked. Consider that I have installed the driver on a compilated kernel and the installer has'nt found a precompilated kernel interfaces ( because it was my own customized kernel) and it has compiled by itself the module and the interface using the kernel sources that I have installed

at the end all goes right
I dont know what tell u now.

-try look the nvidiainstaller log (cd /var/log) what say
-theres on the net some tool to check if the installaton of the nvidia driver is correct and succesfull ( try searching nvidia check) it's useful
- try dowload and install yanc ( yet another nvidia configurator) launch it ( in x with the driver nv enabled) and look what say

now I haven't no more words
hope u go in luck like me sometimes

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