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Default Latest nvidia cards, legacy in future, and no more supported

I am frustrated Nvidia user. My current card geforce2 is no more actively supported. I have been waiting for nvidia to release 71.86 drivers supporting xorg 1.5 and 1.6. Now the developers are not at all interested and replies that the drivers will be released as it is ready. It's 6 months now since xorg 1.5 and no release. I am forced to use Windows which i never liked.

Now i am planning to buy new PC, but i will stay away from Nvdia. Newer card would be legacy in next few years and will be supported only if developers has time for that. We will have to beg again and again. These people are never going to opensource their driver putting a lame excuses.

Think about your future before buying Nvidia card. Be a member of this forum, keep on complaining and become frustrated like me.

Sorry developers.
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